25 Mar 2013

Safari in South Africa

   Yes, I remember it was supposed to be a food-blog, but as you noticed I recently started to post all the other stuff... This time I would like to share with you some of my wonderful memories about South Africa. This winter we spent there one month and it was just amazing! It was my first time in Africa at all, Cape Town was always just my dream, and of course - Safari! All my life i wanted to try it and find out why everybody who did got soooo exited about this experience. And as we all now - dreams do come true! Always... ;)

   There are so much I could tell about this trip! But I only probably do just two posts: Safari and Food. It's a lot anyway =)

   Let's start!

20 Mar 2013

Cooking in Toscana...

   This year started pretty intense - with lots of trips, new people and new experience - just exactly as I was wishing at New Year's night.... 
I just came back from a wonderful place and want to share with some emotions... 

   Most of you know, that I love to cook using Belonika's recipes. She is a popular blogger in Russia and also the author of some cooking books. Couple of years ago she opened a cooking school in Provence and I was so eager to get there... but for some reason it didn't work that time, but this year my wish came true. Spring, Toscana, near small magic city Cortona, in Chateau and Relais il Falconiere... "Belonika & les Chefs"...   

7 Mar 2013

One more tip for "stuttgarter" ;) Hair-Salon!

I Know it's a cooking Blog, but I can't share with you guys one more my favorite Beauty-Tip...for those who live in Stuttgart. Hair-dresser!

I took me long time till I got there, till I found the right place to be! I've tried everything possible in Stuttgart, but nowhere it felt sooooo right! There is not much to say about the place - it's just cool... That's it! Downtown, great people, nice smell, very good products and what's most important - great head-massage! ;=) and of cause the way you get your hair done - just perfect! Anything you want... a glass of prosecco - here it is! ;)

And they just got they web-site done! Looks cool I think Check it out here.

I'm there tomorrow getting ready for the spring!

P.S. and it's not a comercial ;) you should already trust me...

4 Mar 2013

Spa in Stuttgart

Food is not the only thing which makes me happy...so i decided to share with you some other things as well. If you live in Stuttgart or not far from it click here (girls only).